Sunday, 5 August 2012


Life can be unpredictable. In the past year, as Ben and I have undertaken the 101 challenge ( and, we've done many things we wouldn't have expected to do. I never knew, for example, that there was a magic shop hidden away in a central London station, nor expected that I would go white water rafting on the Olympic course.

I certainly did not expect to go to the Olympics themselves. I moved - in common I expect with many Londoners - from irritation at the disruption and anger at the cost, to excitement about the events as the opening ceremony date moved closer, to immense pride at my city's readiness and in the welcome we have given the world. 

But, as I say, I hadn't got a ticket, and although I would most certainly be watching on TV (although I hadn't predicted quite how addicted I would get to watching it...!) I wouldn't be in the ground or in any of the stadia. 

Life, though, can be unpredictable: out of the blue we were contacted by British Airways, who were looking to talk to bloggers about their sponsorship of the 2012 Games. Their team took us to their hospitality centre and on to watch the men's Water Polo (which is a bit like rugby in water, it turns out - brutal but impressive!), and we went on to watch the Park Live big screens BA have put up in the Olympic Park. There have been some ridiculous things related to sponsors this Olympics (LOCOG not allowing any non-sponsors to publish certain words?? Seriously, guys?!) but the passion and support for the Games and for Team GB from the British Airways people we met was real enough, and none of their seats appeared to be empty. But then, since I was one of the people filling them I suppose I would say that! 

We were lucky enough to be in the Park again, watching on the Park Live screens, during most of Super Saturday, soaking up the amazing atmosphere. London has been brilliant this Olympiad and I'm really proud to be a Londoner welcoming the world here. Hopefully we'll manage to see some more Team GB Gold medals today. WOOP!

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